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Sure Fire Murder Mystery Scenarios:
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These Mysteries are a "Hit" every time they're performed.


Our Most Popular Murder Mystery...
Attack of the Lounge Lizards!
    or...Hollywood Flash and Tabloid Trash
  What a treat!  We've got entertainment from the World's Most Famous Singing Twins! - Joey and Jack!  But it looks like Joey may be a little late.  No reason to suspect foul play ... except that everyone thinks Joey is a jerk!  Here to cover the story is Tabloid Reporter Debrah Dimond. She broke the story of Michael Jackson's plan to open a chain of "Neverland" Day Care Centers. 
Also with us is Singer/Dancer/Actress Lavinia LaTweet, star of the video favorite "Babes in Boyland."   "LaLa" wants to make the group "a Three Way" as she calls it.  She's the latest client of Joey and Jack's misguided Manager "Buddy." All are trying to impress our distinguished guest - Hollywood Producer Sal Caputo, here to scout talent for the "Joey and Jack Movie."
  These are the characters who personify Hollywood Flash and Tabloid Trash.   Any of them would kill to get ahead.  The Murder Mystery is ... who did?   And who will? You figure it out.      Curious? Click Here to Find Out More


"A Hole-in-One Too Many"
or "A Most Un-Fairway to Go."
  IT'S BEEN A GREAT DAY OUT ON THE GOLF COURSE. Too bad Arnie Rodriquez, world's most famous golfer, kicked the bucket on the 17th tee.   
Now competition is fierce to win the $100,000 Sports Personality of the Year (SPOY) Award, from the Las Vegas Bookies Association.
  Presenting the Award is mob figure and sporting goods mogul Sal Caputo.   He started the SPOY Award to get away from accusations that he "fixed" sporting events.

Among those competing are (Insert your Colleague's name here)  Arnie's Ruthless sports agent/attorney whose clients make more from endorsements than from sports.  He can't stand Lounge Singer Vinnie Martino, who sang "I'LL BET THERE'S NO GAMBLING IN BASEBALL."  A dark horse contender is sports innovator KC Kite, inventor of the floating golf ball.

But Arnie's bimbo widow is "way out in front " (literally). Conchita "Connie" Rodriguez will lobby loudly for her husband to win - even though he's dead. 

What would they do to win? That's the Mystery.  Would anyone go as far as ... MURDER? Probably.  Click Here To Find Out More!



Welcome to the HAVE A HEART ... AND A LIVER Fun Run Banquet. Everyone's excited to see who will win the "Liver of the Year" award.

The mood is festive, despite the demise of our Guest of Honor, Dr. Alphonse Astro, who keeled over during the fun run today, ending his fun… and his run. Dr. Astro developed the successful ulcer drug, Waydasec.  Fueled by funding from Dr. Ernest "Ducky" Duckworth he was Co-founder of Astro Medic Pharmaceuticals and originator of the “Doc-in-the-Box” Medical Clinics

Dr. Astro, had enemies.  A health nut, he would pass other runners gloating: "Nyah nyah!  You can't catch me."  Often they would catch him and beat the living prunes out of him.
Dr. Astro refused to sell his interest in the Doc in the Box's.  Some said he wanted to pass them on to his mistress, Dr. Duckworth's Office Manager Maria Caliente.   With Astro gone, Dr. Ducky has different ideas.  His flamboyant Attorney, Jamie Youngblood has a deal worked out to sell the 9 Doc in the Box Clinics to Conrovia Medical Center Administrator Mel Farnsworthy "...over someone's dead body."

Ruthless Pharmaceutical Rep. John Hedge (Played by one of the Guests) is looking forward to the deal.  He plans to sell Conrovia pallet loads of Waydasec competitor "Tagatak."  That should be easy with Dr. Astro out of the way.  

Poor, robust Dr. Astro.  He planned to make a "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT" tonight, but now that he’s dead, he probably won’t. This is just what the Doctor ordered, for your Houston Murder Mystery Dinner.  Talk to the "Doctor"

Die Laughing also features Scenarios Themed to Computers, Software, Sports, or Food Service and Business Competition. Plus we can customize a scenario based upon your desires.  

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"Six Legged Justice!"
or... "Lovers, Lawyers and Ladybugs"

Everyone's buzzing about the $1000-a-plate dinner for Senator Fred Billingsworth’s campaign kickoff. 

Too bad Fred’s eccentric patron, Dame Enid Flemby “kicked off” yesterday during the  hazardous “bee release” at her Insect Rights Rally.  Dame Enid started the "Insect Rights" organization B.O.W. T.I.E. - "Beautify Our World - Treat Insects Ethically.”

Luckily, Senator Fred’s flamboyant attorney Mort "The Sport" Drucker (Played by one of your Colleagues) arranged to funnel Dame Enid's fortune into Senator Fred's Campaign.  But Sonny "Pro Bono" BrokenArrow, Insect Activist/Folksinger has other ideas.  As President of BOW TIE, he wants to use the money to “Free the Fleas!”

Sonny’ll have to wrestle the booty from Fred's wife, Fundraiser Extraordinaire "Babs" Bentley Billingsworth, and Snoopy Tabloid Trash Reporter Debbie Diamond.

Would anyone really squash Enid like one of her beloved bugs? You bet your beeswax!
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