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Team Building
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Team Building with Die Laughing Mysteries

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Here's a great way to get everyone working together and developing the synergy of a Team that’s "clicking on all cylinders."

When your people participate in a Die Laughing Mystery, the Team Building element is woven seamlessly and effortlessly into the entertainment.
Or Choose "Win It Inna Minute"
Your Team or Group jumps into TV Game Show action ... With a Celebrity Host!


Here’s how it works:

The Mystery is similar to a game of Clue.

Each table competes as a Team to "Solve the Mystery."

Guests match wits with the performers - who are the wittiest, funniest and sharpest Improv performers in this part of the world. You’ve seen and heard them on TV, Radio, in Major Motion Pictures, on the stage and in Stand-up Comedy clubs.

Die Laughing Mystery Team Building Events are great for any team events, whether it's Corporate Games, Team Building Activities, Team Building Exercises, Team Training, or other Houston Team Building Activities.  If you want to build teams, enhance cooperation among departments, break the ice at a meeting or promote group interaction, Die Laughing Mysteries are the TeamBuilding activity that is "fit to thrill."

galvdancemed.jpgTeam Members interact with Professional TV and Movie actors, and work together to solve the Mystery. Each Table (or other group you assemble) competes as a team to discover clues, interrogate the actors, and uncover the Mystery Solution.  The more they collaborate, and the better questions they ask, the more likely they are to come up with the Most Correct Solution.  To encourage "Thinking Outside the Box" we also offer a Prize for the "Most Creative Solution" - which often incorporates your company themes or Conference buzzwords etc. Die Laughing Mysteries Team Building builds trust, comaraderie and shared experience through enjoyable interaction.

Each team chooses a Team Name, like "CSI Houston" etc.  Then, near the end of the event, each Team selects a spokesperson, who stands up to reveal their solution to the group.

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To encourage thinking "Outside-the-Box," prizes are offered for both the "Most Correct" solution, as well as for the "Most Creative" solution. The "creative solutions" often involve your people and themes from your seminars or current business initiatives.

Die Laughing Mysteries and Win It Inna Minute are written and produced by EJ Nolan, who has spent over 2 decades in corporate training and educational video production. Clients include Exxon, Chevron, Continental Airlines, Kroger, Dow Chemical and MD Anderson Hospital system. EJ’s training videos are being used by the US Army, the Irish Red Cross, The FBI and the United Nations Office on Crime and Drugs in Vienna Austria.

EJ’s dual background in Entertainment and Training provide you with a Team-Building event that is both EnterTRAINing, and effective.

Ironically, the solution to your Team Building Challenges just may be a mystery.

a Die Laughing Mystery

Die Laughing Mysteries are ideal for team building activities, and we mean really fun team building activities, like team building games, ice breakers for meetings. We’re full of fun team building ideas and team bonding activities. Our corporate team building games and team building exercises are great games for small groups. Free up group-thinking with ice breakers and fun group activities and team activities. Human resources professionals find our team building activities and icebreaker games great seminar and conference ice breakers and icebreakers for staff meetings. Die Laughing teamwork and team bonding games and excercises are fun, interactive entertainment and character building activities. Die Laughing team bonding activities will boost employee morale and encourage thinking outside the box as team members collaborate to play the games. It’s Houston’s Top Corporate Entertainment.


Team Bonding Fun!

Your group never had so much fun!

And Everyone gets in on the action. Victorious businessman crossing the finish line

Teams race the clock and compete against each other to beat 60-second challenges...with often hilarious results.

Similar to the TV Game Show, MINUTE to WIN IT, your guests dive into games that look simple, with everyday household objects.

But once the clock starts, the excitement mounts as teams cheer on their contestants to beat the clock.

Your congenial Host is
"Guy Wired" Better known as former NBA Houston Rockets PA Announcer and Network TV Actor EJ Nolan. This "Guy" keeps the action fast and funny.  (Or Choose Special Guest Host Robin Williams or Austin Powers) as challenges range from Serious to Super Silly.

Ever try to flip a tortillia onto a plate on your head with a pair of swim flippers? Here’s your chance!

It’s the perfect Conference Ice-Breaker!

Totally unique and great for groups of any size or any age.

Book your Date now. Call 281 300-8515 or contact ej.nolan@comcast.net – it only takes a Minute...And your event is a Winner!

Call 281 300-8515 now or email EJ Nolan to find out more about Team-building with a Die Laughing Mystery or to reserve a date for your TeamBuilding event. (Popular dates are going fast.)